The Mount Cargiago rises immediately above Ghiffa, a town in the province of Verbania which overlooks Lake Maggiore, and it is included in the Special Natural Reserve of Sacro Monte of SS. Trinity of Ghiffa, since 2003 included by UNESCO in the World Heritage List with other Sacred Mounts of Piedmont.

Its summit, at an altitude of 712 m, is not at all scenic, but the network of trails that covers it and the exposure on Lake Maggiore make Mount Cargiago a particularly popular destination for hiking in the mountains of the Upper Verbano. It'can be accessed, in the lower part, as well as Ghiffa, also by its fractions Cargiago, Caronio and Ceredo, while the upper part can be accessed from Pollino, fraction of Premeno.

The Lago Maggiore Bike Park project was created with the aim of enhancing this land against those who practice mountain biking. In fact, the existing network of trails, almost all pedaled, provides the opportunity for riders of all levels, from beginner to expert, to ride in an environment of pre-Alpine character, giving him the opportunity to rediscover corners of unspoiled beauty.

Lago Maggiore Bike Park is a collection of 6 routes that run through the ridable trails of this territory (highlighted in blue in the picture below). It was made a little "road book" guide which contains a detailed description for each route. The gps track are available for download too.

(Cartography: "Carta Escursionistica Transfrontaliera" - Provincia Verbano Cusio Ossola)


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