Felt richiama alcune e-bike come misura precauzionale

    Felt ha emesso un richiamo volontario di alcuni modelli di mountain bike a pedalata assistita in quanto potrebbero avere dei problemi con il passaggio dei cavi interno al telaio, problemi che potrebbero comportare il danneggiamento del cannotto della forcella.


    Di seguito il richiamo ufficiale:

    Voluntary recall notice

    Dear valued owner of a FELT electric bicycle,

    Today, we are informing you about the voluntary recall of the following models of FELT electric bicycles. According to our records, you own one of the affected bicycles:

    • 2013 VERZAe 10, VERZAe 20, VERZAe 30 2014 VERZAe 10, VERZAe 20, VERZAe 30 2014 NINEe 20, NINEe30
    • 2014 QXe 85-EQ, QXe 90-EQ, QXe 100-EQ 2015 VERZAe 10, VERZAe 20, VERZAe30 2015 NINEe 20, NINEe 30
    • 2015 LEBOWSKe
    • 2015 DUALe 10
    • 2015 QXe 95
    • 2015 QXe 85-EQ, QXe 90-EQ, QXe 100-EQ

    The internal cable routing of these models is designed to enter the frame through a port into the head tube. An image to illustrate the design can be found at the end of the letter.

    This construction may result in friction, as the cables could rub against the steerer tube of the fork. FELT has not been made aware of any accidents or injuries which had been caused by the issue.

    FELT always puts consumer safety first and hence voluntarily recalls the above models. A skid-tape needs to be applied to the steerer tube, which minimizes friction and prevents the parts from external wear.

    In order to quickly and successfully process the voluntary recall, FELT kindly requests your assistance. Specifically, we ask you to immediately take the following very important steps:

    1. Stop riding your FELT electric bicycle.

    2. Contact us for appointing a date when we will inspect your bicycle.

    3. We as your authorized FELT dealer cooperate closely with FELT to retrofit your bicycle and let you enjoy riding it again very soon.

    Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

    Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate your help and apologize for the inconvenience caused. Very truly yours

    Affected are only bicycles with the internally routed cables and harness entering the frame into the headtube.

    Bicycles with internally routed cables, which had been upgraded according to this voluntary recall, can be identified by a decal on the back of the fork crown. These bicycles are good for sale and use.

    All products with the internal cable routing through a port into the down tube are not affected.